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Will My Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment, and Other Questions About Medical Insurance for Rehab.

How To Get Started

One of the main issues someone can come across when looking for help to deal with addiction is finding a program that is actually affordable. It can be a real problem, to the point where some won’t even get the help they need because they believe they cannot afford it. The matter of the fact is that most people are not aware of the many ways financial aid is available so that programs and treatments can become less costly in the long run.

The first question that might come to mind is: Can I use insurance for rehab coverage? Yes, it is possible to get the coverage needed from your insurance for rehab programs of all kinds. Marketplace plans have to cover mental and behavioral health services because they are considered essential health benefits. While it might be a bit confusing, understanding the different types of marketplaces, there are plenty of ways to find out what insurance plan would work best for you and for rehabilitation as well.

Besides the option of marketplace insurance, there is also Medicare, and those eligible must be: over 65 or have paid taxes for Medicare for at least 10 years; have a spouse who paid Medicare taxes for 10 years; have End-Stage Renal Disease; be young and have a disability. Medicare can cover most of your needs for rehab insurance, but it differs depending on whether you have Medicare Part A or Part B. However, both cover rehab program services while the patient is being treated, even though there are limitations.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

If reading about all of these options made you confused or if you know you cannot commit to paying monthly insurance, this doesn’t mean you can’t get help. It is possible to get clean without having to use insurance for rehab treatment. It is true that Americans have become more and more indebted by medical costs than ever before, but when it comes to rehab, there are ways to control the financial damage.

Some of the options for people that don’t have insurance to use for rehab and treatment purposes are:

  • Sliding scale treatments – plans with fees that vary depending on the patient’s income, and can be lowered accordingly.
  • Credit cards – people that have good credit could try and pay off their expenses out of pocket by using their credit cards, paying gradually as they can.
  • Payment plans – there might be the possibility of breaking the full price up into monthly payments to get through little by little.
  • Rehab grants and scholarships – Government organizations and rehab programs offer grants and/or scholarships to help patients pay for their program.
  • Loans – while not the most attractive solution because of the risk of debt, an alternative would be to take out private loans, such as personal loans or even home equity.
  • Crowdfunding – a popular option for many financial needs nowadays, getting help from others through online funds like a GoFundMe page can at least help cover part of the costs.

The best option to pick will depend on what are the main issues stopping you financially from starting a rehab program without insurance. Do you have a steady income? This could mean paying for the program little by little might be the way to go. Does your case require inpatient treatment and you won’t be able to work for a while? A grant might be something worth pursuing. Have a lot of followers on social media? Crowdfunding could work faster for you.

If you are torn between another major expense and treatment, your decision would depend on your priorities. However, it is worth pointing out that, without your health, whatever you might be thinking of pursuing that requires a major expense – moving, going back to school, buying that new car – might not be something as enjoyable if your health is at stake. Of course, some expenses are inevitable, such as legal expenses or taxes. But it is crucial to weigh your options before making a financial decision this important.

Can I Afford Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare?

In order to find out if you could join us at Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, you can contact your insurance and ask for rehab options that you can get coverage from. If you need help knowing how to do that, or even if you don’t have insurance, you can contact us and provide the necessary information for us to get back to you to explain the intake process as clearly as possible.

We at Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare offer services to aid those hoping to leave their addictions behind them that can’t be found anywhere else. Because we are aware that finances might be an obstacle to many, we don’t believe in short-term solutions and we understand that some might have to set a deadline. At the core of all our programs is the desire to do more than just end substance abuse, and to actually empower individuals and change them in the long run through their transformation process so that they can become fully independent.

We hope to help you any way we can, so do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our website for more information on how to reach out to our team, so they can guide you through all of the options, financial or not. No matter what financial decision you’ll make, the only option you cannot pick is to not get the help you need.