Founder’s Statement

I remember the first time I did a drug like it was yesterday. I was ten years old. I struggled with strong anxiety on a daily basis and experienced difficulty finding acceptance among my peer group. Two things happened the day that I first did a drug, I felt relief from anxiety and was for the first time accepted among a peer group. Thus a new life began – one that quickly spiraled into daily drug use with eventually much harder drugs. It would be a full 20 years later before I received the help and awoke from the nightmare of addiction.

Many of us experiment with substance use and do not slip into addiction. However, for many, genetic and/or environmental factors leave us predisposed to addiction and experimentation quickly slips into psychological addiction and chemical dependency. This is not a moral failing and the hardest part to accept for those who do not suffer from addiction is that addiction is not a choice. As I write this I hear the skeptic’s voice in my head, “if it is not a choice then how is it that you are choosing to be sober?” The answer is not complex and is as follows: While I cannot choose to NOT be an addict, I am armed with certain facts about myself; so to prevent active addiction, I am intentional about making the choices I can make.

I choose to treat my addiction by using a set of tools that help me to remain substance-free. These tools have given me freedom from addiction and ignited a passion for helping others achieve the same. In 2013 ago I put my idea of helping others into action and our treatment center was born. Today I help run multiple treatment centers and our teams have helped thousands of people suffering from active addiction achieve freedom and reach their true potential. A one-size program does not fit all, each individual is unique and comes with a unique history and set of circumstances. Mental health, trauma, and life skills all must be assessed, and the subsequent necessary tools and resources developed in order to achieve freedom from active addiction.

It takes a unique treatment plan for each individual and that is what I am passionate about creating for each person that comes to us for help. Out of the ashes of calamity and desperation, the opportunity for a new hope can be born. I want to help each person see that hope and opportunity realized.

Jeff Young