The Benefits Of Online Addiction Counseling

Online Addiction Counseling Options

Online addiction counseling is defined as any therapy that is engaged remotely through video chat, phone call, or even text. Teletherapy has become increasingly popular due to the continuing disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Also known as “telemedicine,” online therapies have been in use for many years but have recently come to the forefront of the mainstream treatment world. There are many benefits to telemedicine, but it has become a go-to for many due to the ability to avoid in-person contact and the risks associated with COVID-19. 

What Is Telehealth Therapy?

What Is TelehealthTeletherapy is usually defined as any counseling-type treatment that is offered outside of the traditional “in-person” methods. Teletherapy can include Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or other video chat services, as well as correspondence through email, text, or phone calls. 

The differentiating factor of teletherapy is the fact there is no need for in-person contact. This allows patients to receive treatment from the comfort and safety of their own home and on their schedule. When done well, telehealth therapy can provide great care for patients as well as safety and convenience for both the patient and provider. 

With the increased usage of teletherapy over the last year, there have been more studies done into its effectiveness. Research shows that 3 out of 4 patients who have tried telehealth therapy have had a positive experience. While it probably takes some getting used to at first, telehealth therapy can provide all the benefits of traditional in-person treatment with the safety of a remote option.  

Who Can Offer Online Addiction Counseling?

While teletherapy may seem “informal” at first, it is important to note that the same licensure and training requirements apply to the remote treatment format. Only licensed professionals can safely offer teletherapy in any form. While guidelines are still being set, in general, effective online addiction counseling can be offered by anyone with a license to practice mental health therapy in a traditional sense. Standards differ from state to state and there may not be any reciprocity between state boards. 

Many health insurance providers now offer coverage for teletherapy options-for everything from addiction therapy to grief counseling. 

At Granite Mountain, our licensed counselors are now offering teletherapy options for addiction treatment, mental health counseling, and almost everything in between. 

The Benefits Of Online Addiction Counseling 

Benefits of TeletherapyWhile it may not be for everyone, there are truly very few disadvantages to teletherapy. The ease of receiving treatment from your own living room has opened up options for many who could not receive treatment before or who felt unsafe going out during the pandemic. Studies are now showing that teletherapy, when executed well, can be just as effective as in-person treatment. Telehealth therapy can be effective for men, women, teenagers, and seniors. Some of the many benefits of teletherapy are listed below. 

  • The ability to receive treatment on your schedule- You can work around your job, your family, or your transportation difficulties. Also, you can schedule treatment at a time that truly works best for you.
  • The convenience of receiving treatment from home- No transportation is required and you can meet with your provider anywhere you have cell service or internet. 
  • Teletherapy can be more affordable-  Because there are no travel costs and little overhead, teletherapy is proving to be less expensive than traditional in-person treatment. 
  • Teletherapy provides a variety of treatment options- Teletherapy providers offer many of the same options as traditional treatment providers-from group options to one-on-one options, you can choose what works best or your needs and schedule.  
  • Confidentiality and privacy combined with ease of access- There is no waiting room and no waiting time at all.  The only people aware of your conversation are you and the person/people you meet with. 
  • Access to a wide range of service providers- All of our treatment options are now available online and all of our counselors are now offering teletherapy options. 

Finding the Right Online Addiction Counseling Option for You

Entering into substance abuse or mental health treatment should never be done without researching all your options. While it can be more convenient, teletherapy is still a treatment and it should still be researched thoroughly. 

Treatment can be expensive, but you should always check with your insurance provider, as many carriers are offering more coverage for teletherapy than ever before. Finding the right counselor is important. You can check with your insurance provider or with an online database, like Psychology Today, to find a list of providers that accept your insurance. 

Even if you do not have insurance, you may not be out of luck. You will, however, want to research what plan can offer the best value for your money. Contact us at Granite Mountain to see how we can put together a treatment plan for you that is effective and affordable. 

Finding The Right Therapist for You

It is extremely important to consider aspects of your therapist that might provide the best “fit”, such as gender. Some women may feel more comfortable speaking with another woman or vice versa.  It’s best for you to also research what areas of expertise your potential providers focus on. For example, if you or your loved one are dealing with more than one diagnosis (known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder), you will want to find a treatment plan that specializes in that. 

You should have a treatment plan that fits your needs and a therapist that understands you. The more time you spend choosing the right provider, the more likely you are to find success. At Granite Mountain, we are committed to walking you through this difficult process and seeing you through to the end.

Teletherapy Treatment And COVID-19

Finding The Right Therapist for YouIt is no secret that coronavirus has changed many facets of our lives and redefined “normal”. This is certainly true in the treatment realm. The difficulties of meeting in person during the pandemic have forced treatment centers to reevaluate options elevate distance treatment to the forefront. While teletherapy was once an afterthought, it has now become a primary option. We have not seen an increase in relapse or a decrease in patient satisfaction. In fact, many patients are finding they are more likely to attend therapy online as it is less stressful and time-consuming.   

Traditional in-person treatment options have proven extremely successful at dealing with all types of substance use and mental health disorders. However, the difficult and unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic have forced us to reevaluate ways to effectively treat. At Granite Mountain, we now offer nearly all of our treatment options remotely. 

Online Addiction Counseling Options At Granite Mountain

Teletherapy is an all-encompassing term that refers to any treatment options that can be achieved digitally. At Granite Mountain, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of our treatment process, even when we cannot meet in person. Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we are committed to maintaining HIPPA Compliance. While it may take some getting used to if you are a veteran of in-person treatment, we believe the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

Our treatment is readily available to anyone with internet or cell service coverage. Our team of trained professionals is committed to walking you through any technical difficulties you may face on your way to successful treatment. 

Even before the global pandemic, it could be difficult to find drug or alcohol treatment that can be trustworthy and effective. At Granite Mountain, we are committed to helping you or your loved one find the best, most convenient option for you.  

Begin Your Telehealth Journey At Granite Mountain Today!

At Granite Mountain, we are committed to providing reassuringly safe in-person treatment options. We are taking every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19 without limiting our effectiveness. 

Our team is fully confident in our safety precautions but are also investing heavily in new, innovative teletherapy treatments. While they may mirror traditional in-person options, they are tailored to provide safety, peace of mind, and convenience that can only be found through teletherapy. 

  • Outpatient Treatment Options– This is the most accomodating and least restrictive form of teletherapy. This usually involves making teletherapy appointments that fit into your schedule and is appropriate for low-level mental health or substance use treatments. 
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy- This level of treatment is more involved, but still allows for the freedoms of in-home treatment on (mostly) your own schedule. Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) done remotely could involve several sessions a day as many as five days  a week,
  • Partial Hospitalization Program– Sometimes, simple teletherapy is not enough. Some patients will need a partial hospitalization program that may include detox or professional supervision. Once a patient is stable, a normal teletherapy schedule can be introduced. 

We are excited to help you conquer an addiction or whatever mental health challenges you might be facing from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to explore what telehealth treatment options may be best for you. We look forward to walking with you on this new path!