Women’s Rehab

women's rehab

Our specialists at Granite Mountain have designed a women’s rehab program with treatment plans and specific therapies that are geared specifically towards women. This helps us to ensure a full, speedy recovery from whatever substances they may be addicted to.

Addiction does not discriminate in any way, and men and women are both equally affected. Women’s bodies and minds work differently than men in the way they cope with their addictions and even how they become addicted in the first place. Therefore, it is important to design plans specifically for gender to get the best results. 

What Is Rehab?

Rehab is a treatment program designed to provide professional help and options to those struggling with substance addiction. This can include detoxification, hospital stays, facility stays, therapy sessions, and the period of time after a person has been released from their programs. When choosing what treatment will be best you will have two main options: general outpatient and inpatient. 

When someone thinks of a rehab center they’ve seen in movies and on TV, outpatient and inpatient facilities are usually what they think of. Our inpatient treatment centers at Granite Mountain have around-the-clock care and are monitored by licensed professionals. These inpatient facilities are equipped to handle the most severe cases of addiction.

On the flip side, someone admitted to our general outpatient rehab can maintain already existing obligations and activities while attending their treatments. They can schedule their counseling sessions and attend their meetings to fit their schedule. They can live in sober living homes alongside fellow recovering addicts or at home while being supervised by loved ones.

Most of the outpatient process is through support groups and counseling, and the attendee will go about their regular day-to-day life or attend these in facilities depending on the type of rehab they have been in while still going to counseling or group meetings 3-5 days a week. 

Most outpatient programs require around 10-12 hours of completed therapy a week, as well as checking in with counselors regularly.

Focus Of Women’s Rehab Treatment

In our treatments specifically designed for women, we focus on creating a plan specifically for your needs while going through your time here at our facilities and in our therapies. We understand many outside factors can affect women to develop a substance addiction. Some of those can include:

Partner relationships

While men and women equally participate in heterosexual and homosexual relationships, it is proven that women are more emotionally affected by the romantic connections they make with others. Not feeling mutually understood, worthy, or even going through sexual, mental, or physical abuse from their partner can influence them to develop a substance addiction.

Family influences

Although addiction often results from the choices we make, the main reason for addiction comes from genetic makeup. If a woman has other family members who have addiction disorders, it is more likely for her to develop one, as well.

Mother Role 

Both men and women are needed to conceive a child, but the majority of the responsibility of carrying the child falls onto the woman. If the pair is not married or has an unstable relationship, more often than not the care of the child falls onto the mother. This can cause extreme stress and drive a woman to develop a drinking or drug abuse disorder to cope with everything.  

Trauma History

A large factor for developing a substance abuse disorder also falls on past trauma a woman might have experienced in her early or even present life. This can include things like sexual, mental, and physical abuse from loved ones or random people throughout their life. 

There are many other reasons why a woman can succumb to substance addiction, and we will evaluate all of the factors upon arrival at our facilities at Granite Mountain. Our specialists will consider every factor while designing a treatment plan specifically for you.

What To Expect In Women’s Rehab

You should expect to be evaluated and pushed every day through your rehab program to develop healthier habits and lifestyle choices. Our professionals at Granite Mountain are here to help you, but they are also trained to avoid enabling your behaviors. 

You may be used to loved ones and family members treating your addiction as a crutch, but here in our facilities, we will guide you away from your previous behaviors and patterns. The goal is to open up your mind to a world without the substance you have been abusing for so long.

If you are admitted into one of our inpatient facilities, you will go through detoxification and therapies while living amongst other addicts. Both inpatient and outpatient rehab at our facilities will require you to participate in support meetings. Whether these meetings include other women going through the same things you are or family members who are trying to support you, they are for your benefit.

By sharing your story and updates with family members and peers to inform them of your progress, you will strengthen your relationships and understandings of why addiction happens. 

You will also meet with your counselors to discuss any changes or questions you may have on a day-to-day basis, so they can assist you with any challenges you may be facing during your therapies and treatments.

Types Of Therapies Used In Women’s Rehab

Many different therapies cater to certain needs women in our facilities may have. Some of these therapies include: 

12-Step Programs

Our 12-step programs are designed to allow someone to process their emotional and mental state through each step they go through. We use these programs to focus on certain things like compulsion and behavioral problems that may be affecting the addiction. By acknowledging and working on these specific things, women in our facilities will regain control of their mental states a lot faster during recovery.

Holistic Programs

Everyone believes in something. Whether it is a religion, higher being, or something concrete, we allow women to explore their beliefs and spirituality that they may not have even known was there until going through our program.


Every addict must go through detoxification to clear their bodies of the unwanted substance they are currently addicted to. We provide a healthy, safe environment and procedure for women to slowly rid themselves of their abused substance.

Individual Therapy

This type of therapy is geared towards the woman going through the recovery process. Our professionals will evaluate all the factors that have possibly led to their addiction, and they will create a plan of action as to how to overcome the possible trauma and factors. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows women who are going through the same situations to come together to talk about their experiences with addiction. It also allows family members to be present during therapy sessions, so they will be able to connect with the addict on a level of understanding of why the addiction happened in the first place. 

Is Outpatient Or Inpatient Rehab The Right Fit?

In more instances than not, inpatient rehab is a better fit for a woman looking to be treated for their addiction. If she has a history of quitting mid-way through treatment or has previously relapsed after completing rehab, inpatient is usually the right fit. 

Treatment in our inpatient facilities is intensive enough for these types of women because they require around-the-clock supervision, so they are not tempted to continue using. An inpatient is also a great option for women who are surrounded by addiction in their everyday lives from partners, family members, and friends.

There are some cases where general outpatient rehab is effective. Most of the time, it is for those with a mild addiction that can lead a “normal” lifestyle while attending rehab and don’t have the possibility of being influenced by others around them. 

Outpatient rehab is a great alternative to inpatient for individuals who want to maintain a job to support their family or want to stay in school so they can achieve their degree. The treatment allows the patient to transition more easily back into the “real world” once their program has been completed. 

More Information On Women’s Rehab Services

At Granite Mountain, we effectively focus on fighting addiction to help an individual regain control of their lives and rebuild relationships with those around them. Instead of fighting their addiction themselves, many women are finding that allowing someone else to develop a plan of recovery for them is more beneficial. 

If you or a loved one has decided it’s time to explore the options regarding women’s rehab, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will be willing to answer any questions and hope to guide you in the best direction.