ABA Services


Our team of experts are available to provide evidence-based care to children, adolescents, and adults struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Services are available to meet every client’s unique and individual needs and can include in person services and telehealth services when deemed appropriate.  

Team Overview:

We have highly qualified and trained staff available to assist all clients including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who will assist with assessing every client’s needs and creating an individualized treatment plan, along with Registered Behavior Technicians who work to implement every client’s individualized treatment plan.   

Availability of Services:

All services can be provided in various settings. These settings can include:

  • In Home
  • Schools
  • Community
  • Center
  • Telehealth (parent training only)

As we work to assess every client’s needs, we will take into consideration every client’s treatment preferences to include modified schedules for services that best meets a client’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Care Approach:

As with all of our services, our treatment center’s mission is to focus on whole-person care and help address social determinants of health, to make sure we are giving all the tools necessary for each person to achieve their long-term health goals.  Our team will assess every client’s needs along with their families needs to ensure that services are provided that may go beyond ASD services.  These services can include case management, peer support services, family support services, and employment services.