The Importance of Medically-Assisted Treatment

For many people suffering from addiction, particularly drugs, and alcohol, admitting they need treatment often is a hard pill to ...
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Signs of Adderall Abuse

Signs of Adderall Abuse: Who is Abusing it The Most?

With any drug, most people are aware that there are often side effects associated with taking it. For those who ...
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Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Exploring the Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Have you ever wondered where alcohol comes from, and why people drink it? Well, we are here to tell you ...
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Group Therapy for Heroin Detox

What to Expect Going Through Heroin Detox in Yavapai County, AZ

What Is Heroin? Heroin a derivative of the opium poppy flower, which is native to Asia, Mexico, and South America ...
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Alcohol Detoxification

What to Expect Going Through Alcohol Detox in Yavapai County, AZ

Alcohol Use Disorder Doctors are always coming up with new names for one thing or the other. What we grew ...
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Addiction Treatment Facility in Arizona

Why Choose an Addiction Treatment Facility in Arizona

If you are seeking an addiction treatment facility in Arizona, then there are plenty of options to consider.  Most of ...
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Drug Rehab in Prescott Valley, Arizona

Deciding to seek help in a drug rehabilitation center is the first step on you or your loved one's path ...
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Heroin addiction prescott valley

Heroin Addiction in Prescott Valley, Arizona

The use of heroin has become more widely used, doubling between 2007 and 2012.  The effects of this drug are ...
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addiction treatment in Arizona

Getting Help: A Guide for Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Arizona

Picking The Right Solution So you've decided that you are going to get help and are going to look for ...
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alcohol detox in arizona

Alcohol Detox in Arizona

If you have decided to put down that drink and get clean, you have taken a crucial step on your ...
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alcohol addiction prescott valley

Alcohol Addiction in Prescott Valley, Arizona

Alcohol is a part of our society, often associated with celebrations, dining, and nights out on the town.  It is ...
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Methamphetamine in Arizona: The Epidemic

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, has one of the largest presences in Arizona. Meth is easy to get, cheap, and ...
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