Our Facility

So… what’s INCLUDED with our programs?

Housing Structure, Activities, and What We Provide

  • All transportation to & from the clinical addiction treatment center, doctors’ appointments, 12 step meetings, house activities, the grocery store, and any other housing-sanctioned outings or activities

  • 24-hour accountability and staff assistance

  • Develop an understanding of cleanliness and how it relates to recovery

  • Daily chores, weekend group cleanings

  • Budgeting and shopping for food, toiletries, and other personal household items

  • Accountability circles and house meetings

  • Weekend activities, including bowling, movies, hiking, and more

  • Exercise and health: Opportunity to experience yoga, cross-fit, and other sporting activities

  • Communication: Each patient will experience the opportunity to get a job and learn to communicate with an onsite house manager to help plan and organize their day

A Typical Business Day in Granite Mountain Housing

  • Patients do their chores, cook, and eat breakfast

  • Patients have a check-in with the on-site recovery housing manager to plan their day
  • Patients are transported to our clinical center (for medical assistance, clinical sessions, and laboratory testing)

  • The patients are then transported home for lunch

  • Patients are then taken back to the clinical center for further therapy during the afternoon

  • Patients are allowed a 1.5 hr lunch break to have time to experience cooking as a group and then cleaning the house afterward
  • At 4:00 patients are taken home

  • The patients are then taken to a nightly 12 step meeting as a house

  • Patients then return to the clinical center one last time for nightly medications

  • Once they have returned home they participate in a nightly accountability meeting with their house

  • Finally, the house is neatened up and lights out at 11:00 pm

Our patients work hard at Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare.

We feel a responsibility to provide spacious, comfortable housing for them to rest and reside in after a long day of work.

For those who like to enjoy their weekends, we feel as though the proper balance of clinical and accountability work mixed with an endless array of activities on the weekends sets the tone for the client to create new habits, and re-discover older passions they may have had. We do this with the goal of helping the client to set themselves upon a new journey/schedule which works for them when they leave.

If you’d like to hop on a call… just to get some solid advice on the next steps & to answer any questions you may have… or to find out if your insurance will cover treatment… please feel free to call us directly at (928) 756-0694.