Recover Strong

recover strong program

“Transforming mind, body and spirit through community, commitment, and connection.”

Recover Strong, the first of its kind, is a strengths-based treatment modality for use in the treatment of substance use disorder and other behavioral and mental health challenges. Recover Strong is grounded in the latest research in neuroscience, addiction treatment, and psychology. Our process allows one’s brain to heal by using physical movement and intense physical exercise to generate a brain state which is conducive to neuroregeneration.  This is done in a community setting, which is both supportive and therapeutic. The effects of this process in the brain support an improved capacity to handle stress, a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and depression, improved cognition, increased social engagement, improved self-image, and an increase in self-esteem.

With Recover Strong as our foundation, we have experienced a profound increase in client retention.  Recover Strong has had a significant impact on addiction recovery success rates by increasing individual group attendance and community engagement. By nurturing an environment wherein the community works together, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in individual connection and a corresponding decrease in peer to peer conflict.

Recover Strong is a supportive community which generates transformative experiences, and showcases individual resilience and personal power.  We have combined proven types of mental health therapy with intense physical movement in a fun and challenging environment, it is fundamentally transforming the lives of our clients.