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“Transforming the MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT… through the community, commitment, and connection.”

The frustration family members feel when dealing with a loved one suffering from addiction… is OVERWHELMING… to all involved.

If you happen to be in that group… First of all: Our hearts go out to YOU.

This is NOT an easy journey.

We’ve found there are no tougher souls on the planet… than those that suffer from incessant & debilitating thoughts of using or drinking… and/or those who have a loved one with that plight.

However… KNOW that there is HOPE. And there is a SOLUTION.

Addiction (and it’s surrounding behaviors) is so unpredictable… because it is a brain disease

The Neurology of Substance Use Disorder


Beyond the associated behavioral disorders, substance use disorder is primarily a brain disease. Complex neurobiology plays a heavy-handed role.

So we ensure this neurological “de-tangling” is addressed, monitored & managed by therapeutic professionals during the treatment process.  

Based on the needed neurological work, our program is designed with a healthy mix of leading-edge therapies & “new habit” creation processes, with group connection as the centerpiece.

Therapy & Biology

As opposed to other treatment modalities, we believe in creating a positive & supportive environment for the sufferer.

Our therapeutic approaches support the patient while they engage in a strength-based, empowerment model, which is centered on the therapeutic relationship, the individual’s natural capability, and accountability on the part of the client.  

The goal is to set the client up for success by allowing them to realize & develop the belief that they CAN succeed… and transform their lives.

Support Creates Success


Most addiction sufferers have been through “the ringer”. And are so used to “negative” feedback that it doesn’t even phase them, and it doesn’t guide them to behavioral change.

We have observed that recovery is achieved through an intentional combination of biological support and neuro-regeneration, in conjunction with clinical care provided by a TRULY CARING, trained & certified professionals.  

The recognition “this can’t be done alone”… community, commitment, connection, and purpose… needs to be the foundation for transformation.

If you’d like to hop on a call… just to get some solid advice on next steps & to answer any questions you may have… or to find out if your insurance will cover treatment… please feel free to call us directly at (928) 756-0694.