recovery awareness month

September is National Recovery Awareness Month

The month of September is National Recovery Month, also known as National Recovery Awareness Month. During the month-long observance, a spotlight is shone on the seriousness of substance use disorders and the importance of addiction recovery.

Orchestrated by the recovery advocacy group, Faces and Voices of Recovery, recovery awareness month is a time when we all celebrate those in recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues. Additionally, Recovery Awareness Month celebrates new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the development of a strong recovery community, and the dedicated providers and community members who make recovery possible.

With the tagline “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community,” Recovery Awareness month, encourages us to recognize that people from all walks of life are impacted by substance use disorders. It’s a time when we celebrate recovery and support the recovery movement, which is a shared relationship between those affected by addiction and their families, friends, allies, and professionals who help make recovery possible.

The History of National Recovery Awareness Month

National Recovery Awareness Month began back in 1989. Then, it was originally named Treatment Works! Month. Its creation is intended to honor addiction treatment professionals who dedicate their careers to helping individuals manage their addictions.

In 1998, the month-long celebration was changed to the lengthy name of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery. The intention behind the name change was to expand the celebration to include not only addiction professionals but also anyone who was going through the struggle of recovering from substance abuse.

Today, September is known as National Recovery Month to further expand inclusion. Now, the month celebrates addiction and mental healthcare professionals, organizations, the allies who dedicate their time to helping individuals recover from substance use disorders, and those who are in recovery.

How The Recovery Community Observes National Recovery Month

During September, the recovery community comes together to celebrate and provide resources for substance abuse. In collaboration with The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), over 300 partnering organizations work on event development, materials, sponsors, marketing, and recovery month promotions. Their culminated efforts resulted in the following:

  • Workshops
  • Awareness events
  • The National Rally for Recovery
  • Resource Fairs
  • Screenings, panels, and meetups
  • Recovery carnivals
  • Yoga practices
  • Awareness and memorial walks and runs
  • Zoom events
  • Summits
  • Festivals
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Donation collections

These events can all be found on the National Recovery Month website and take place at several locations across the United States. Therefore, no matter where you live, you can find a way to get involved in a Recovery Month event.

In addition to these events, SAMHSA also provides a digital recovery toolkit. This toolkit includes social media content that helps spread recovery awareness, resources for learning about and supporting individuals in recovery, and promotional materials regarding recovery in September and beyond.

The National Rally for Recovery

The National Rally for Recovery is a key event during National Recovery Month. During this event, which has happened annually for over 30 years, the organization Faces & Voices of Recovery travels to a city in the United States. There, they host recovery celebrations that include a host of activities for the local recovery community.

This main event of Recovery Awareness Month works to challenge the stigma that exists against those who are in recovery. It helps spread awareness of how addiction affects individuals, how common addiction is, and

In 2023, the National Rally for Recovery will take place in Oklahoma.

  • Live Music from the Class of ‘39 Band
  • Motivational Speaker, Bee Smith
  • Comic, Bryce Jones
  • Cheyenne and Arapaho Dance Performance
  • Choir Performance from Harding Charter Prep
  • Food trucks, free food, yoga, activities for kids, and more!

Through public education, the National Rally for Recovery helps to change attitudes and end discrimination against those in recovery. This event also brings the community together and creates a platform for dialogue about a variety of issues related to addiction.

The Importance of National Recovery Awareness Month

National Recovery Awareness Month serves as an important reminder that recovery is possible, even when it may seem far away. Addiction is not a moral failing or character flaw- it’s a complex medical condition. This month-long observance also works to build unity within the recovery community and provide support for individuals who are in recovery. Ultimately, the message of Recovery Awareness Month is that no matter where you are on your journey to sobriety, know that there is help available and hope for a successful and sustainable future.

Furthermore, Recovery Awareness Month works to emphasize that addiction affects us all. Whether you’ve been personally impacted by substance use disorder or not, we can all benefit from the message of hope and support during Recovery Awareness Month. Raising awareness about the importance of recovery is essential to create a future where those who need help have access to it. During Recovery Awareness Month, let’s stand together and share our stories to diminish the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery.

By joining a local event or participating in virtual activities, we can help create a future where everyone has access to the help they need. Together, we can celebrate those who have achieved recovery and provide support for those still struggling by highlighting the power of community support and recovery.

How To Observe National Recovery Awareness Month

There are many ways that you can get involved during Recovery Awareness Month. One way is to attend a rally or event in your area. You can also celebrate those around you who have gone through the process of recovery by creating a digital or physical scrapbook or poster. You can also participate in online recovery events, such as webinars or virtual summits. Additionally, you can show your support by wearing purple– the official color of Recovery Month!

Social media is another great way to spread awareness and promote recovery. Use your platforms to share inspirational stories and quotes about recovery, participate in online activities, and celebrate those who have achieved recovery.

Finally, one of the most important ways to observe Recovery Awareness Month is by providing support for those still struggling. This could be as simple as checking in on a friend or family member who is recovering from addiction or volunteering at local treatment centers. No matter how you choose to get involved during National Recovery Awareness Month, each step taken is one more toward ending the stigma around addiction and recovery.

Recovery is Possible at Granite Mountain

This September, and the rest of the year, Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people suffering from addiction through comprehensive addiction and mental healthcare.

We provide a full continuum of care that ranges from Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, to Intensive Outpatient Programs. Our services are designed to help those who are in recovery live their best lives and maintain sobriety.

At Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, we recognize the importance of National Recovery Awareness Month and we’re dedicated to spreading hope and rallying for meaningful change. To learn more about our programs, contact us today.