Granite Mountain Patient Site

Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare Patient Submission Forms

This site is for the use of current patients. Please find the link below for the particular form you need to fill out.
For any concerns or questions please contact

Patient Forms (all line items are LINKS):

  1. (NEW 5/7/24) Member Weekly Work Schedule- Submission form: Submission is Due the Sunday before the next workweek.

  2. Patient Pass Request FormFor Requesting events, Funds, and anything that required approval

  3. Case Management Request Form For requesting Case Managements processes. 

  4. Medical Appointment Request Form  Digital way to request an appointment. 

  5. Patient Completion Satisfaction Survey for Residential or IOPfor use after members stay at BHRF or IOP. 

  6. Grievance Form Fill out a member grievance here

Alumni Forms:

  1.  Overnight Pass Request (for Alumni Members ONLY! Not for IOP Members) 

  2. OP Sober Living FEES Form- For Sober Living (New Form 1/25/23) 


Rules and Regulations to Remember:

  • Community Phone Policy At Residential AFTER 6PM: 105- Monday & Thursday, 104- Tuesday & Friday , 103-Wednesday & Saturday
  • Community Phone Policy At Transitional (IOP): See BHT for Guidance- This policy Varies on schedule and is house to house specific
  • There is NO cell phone use at Residential unless specially approved by the management or for Case Management purposes.
  • There is no visitation during the Residential Program. Visitation is only allowed by pass request in the transitional program for children under the age of 13.