A Message From Our CEO

Jason Turner


My name is Jason and I am an alcoholic. By the time I really understood what this meant or how to treat my disease it had destroyed most of the fabric of my self worth, and all of my dignity. It annihilated anything worthwhile in my life, it had broken the hearts of those unfortunate to be caught in the path of the tornado that was my life and there were many of those people. Without my permission, my relationship with a chemical substance had destroyed my life. I was hopeless and alone. Utterly and positively alone. Even if I had anyone left in my corner I was still alone due to the enormous barriers I had constructed for my own protection to keep me safe from the dangerous world. The people I knew seemed to believe that “I just needed to get my s%#t together”. I was far more gone than getting my stuff together would fix. Not too mention, how does a person get their stuff together anyway?  I was consumed with fear and desperation and I had no idea how to get out. I was trapped. I was terrified. Many years later much has changed. What happened?!

How is it possible that all these years later I no longer survive but I thrive? How is it possible that my death sentence was pardoned? How was I in effect raised from the walking dead to a life of purpose? My recovery began with the recognition that I needed help. I was able to concede this fact with the help of a kind, loving and well informed human being who was properly armed with the facts about himself and he had both the knowledge and experience to be a guide for my own recovery journey. His experience along with his approach allowed a relationship to be formed on the basis ofempathy, understanding, compassion, healthy boundaries, and unconditional love. This proved to be extremely effective as it allowed me to feel acceptance, and it offered me a sense of self-efficacy as well as provided mea purposeful role in a community which I had lost many years prior to the bottle. What does this have to do with my position as CEO of Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare? 

If you are reading this letter perhaps you are feeling alone, scared and confused? Perhaps you are suffering from a crisis regarding substance use and addiction that you can’t escape from? Perhaps you feel desperate and hopeless? Maybe you are a broken hearted loved one looking for something, anything that can provide the necessary relief and solution to such a painful and devastating health crisis for someone you care deeply for? If you arestruggling with addiction or suffering for someone whom you care about with an addiction than I am writing this for you. I am here to share with you how Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare can help. 

I am here to tell you that our approach is to be in your families corner, to build a relationship with both the patient and the family built on a foundation of empathy, understanding, compassion, healthy boundaries and unconditional love and positive regard. Along side this relationship is a highly competent clinical and scientific approach that utilizes evidenced- based therapies, that focus on both the mind and the physical body. All of which takes place in an environment designed to support a patients wellness, improve their quality of life and supports the treatment process. 

It is my sincere hope that whether here or elsewhere those who read this letter and are in need find what they seek. If you think we may be of assistance in your journey to recovery I hope that you will contact us. I would also like to offer our assistance even if we are not the program for you. If you have questions, or concerns about addiction and substance use disorder, are confused with all the options on the internet or just need someone to help answer your questions we would be honored to offer any assistance we can. 


Jason Turner
CEO and Founder of Recover Strong