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Within Flagstaff, there are a large number of resources available to support those affected by drug or alcohol-related problems. At the time of writing, there are 10 different treatment centers within Flagstaff that offer some sort of support for patients.

The types of treatment centers vary in terms of the support that they offer. For example, one treatment center supports people by offering counseling, where one of the programs they offer is an Alcohol/Drug Education Program and another treatment center offers a rehabilitation center with various different services such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). All of which help people battle substance abuse.

Some of the services available in Flagstaff, AZ include residential treatment, addiction counseling, mental health care and more. 

Flagstaff Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

In 2015 7.6% of people residing in Flagstaff who are age 12 and up were dependent on alcohol, which is 1.1% higher than the national average. 

The total number of people arrested within Flagstaff in relation to drugs from 2011 through to 2014 are as follows:

  • 2011 – 828 Arrests
  • 2012 – 839 Arrests
  • 2013 – 863 Arrests
  • 2014 – 962 Arrests 

We can see from this evidence that the number of arrests increases year by year. 

50% of people who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness have been affected by substance abuse. Furthermore, of all the people that have been diagnosed with a mental illness, 29% of them have abused either alcohol or drugs. This is for any mental health diagnosis and not reserved for higher severity. 

From the above statistics, we can clearly see a link between both the mental illness(es) and drug and/or alcohol abuse. 

In the city of Flagstaff, the population density increases nearer the city center, meaning people have more access to substances and also more people may become involved in taking them. 

Flagstaff Recovery Meetings Near Me

Within Flagstaff, there are many meetings for people to join to help in their rehabilitation. Below are some examples of alcohol-related meetings, for example, AA meetings:

  • Monday 5:30 pm – Listen and Learn AFG, Federation Church, 400 W. Aspen and Sitgreaves Streets (Aspen Entrance/Upstairs room #19)
  • Friday 5:30 pm – Freedom Seekers, AZ North Realty, 2410 E. Route 66 at 4th Street
  • For narcotic related meetings, such as NA, some examples are below:
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm – Trinity Heights Methodist Church, 3600 North 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
  • Monday 12:00 pm – Federated Community Church, 400 West Aspen, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
  • And for a SMART meeting, the details are below:
  • Wednesday 4:00 pm– Collegiate Recovery Lounge, Room 3107, 824 San Francisco St, Building25, Flagstaff, AZ 86011

There is an overwhelming amount of support for substance abuse. Some non-standard methods of support within Flagstaff include bins dedicated to the disposal of drugs to allow people to get rid of any temptations safely. 

There are several charities in Flagstaff to help the cause of drug/alcohol-related problems, for example, there is one which is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004 and focuses on alcohol and drug abuse treatment. 

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Flagstaff, AZ, 86001

Outpatients have the ability to go through counseling, where there are several options available for this. Inpatients usually have more severe cases and need a more intense treatment to help them. Below are 2 examples of one outpatient treatment center and one inpatient treatment center:

  • Inpatient Treatment Center –This treatment center offers various services, but the main is allowing for their patients to stay at the facility to ensure they are away from stimuli and from any substances, ensuring they are not able to continue to take them.
  • Outpatient Treatment Center – This treatment center offers an outpatient counseling service for less serious cases. They offer a range of different counseling services, such as DUI’s to drug abuse treatment programs. 

Getting Help in Flagstaff: How to Choose the Right Facility

When someone is looking to choose a facility to either be admitted to or for someone they know, they need to be aware of what the needs are of that person. If somebody has a severe addiction, then becoming an inpatient is usually a good idea. 

However, if this person has had a mishap, perhaps due to a situation in their life, then maybe becoming an inpatient is not necessary for them and counseling may be more suited to help them in their recovery. In the instance that someone has abused drugs and/or alcohol, counseling may be better suited to help them reform and learn how to cope without turning to these substances.

Mental Health Services in Flagstaff, AZ

There are at least 14 different mental health clinics in and around Flagstaff available to help in various ways. There are some that offer counseling, some that are psychologists and some that offer behavioral health services.

There does not appear to be an exact number of mental health professionals, but it is clear that there are a lot of people with this expertise in the various clinics to ensure that people are able to receive the help they need. Searching for “mental health specialists in Flagstaff” returns a large number of results. There are definitely more than 30 mental health professionals. 

The connection between mental health and drug abuse is clear in terms of how mental health can stimulate the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. There are various statistics that show a clear link between the mental health of a person and their likeliness to abuse substances. 

This points towards a large connection between mental therapy, such as counseling, being offered by the same treatment centers who support the rehabilitation and the physical health of patients who are going through a sobering treatment. Many studies point towards the evidence that substances have effects on the brain that make the person feel good, so in a time of need, they may turn to these substances to feel better, which can lead to addiction. 

Help is Close, Don’t Fight Addiction Alone

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, please reach out to one of our addiction treatment specialists at (928) 756-0694. Or you can connect through our online form here. Help is only one step away! Don’t live with addiction any longer. 

Article Reviewed by Gregory Struve

Greg received a Master’s in Counseling from the Adler Graduate School in 2006. He trained at one of the top trauma and anxiety treatment centers in the world until 2008 when he became a faculty member at Grand Canyon University. From 2011 to 2016 he directed a program that leads the field in terms of innovative treatment of anxiety and trauma. During that time he even made several appearances on A&E’s intervention.