Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Glendale

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Glendale, AZ is situated close to Phoenix. Drug and alcohol abusers have more opportunity and more options for rehab and drug detox treatment facilities. 

Within Glendale, there are some available treatment centers for users who are fighting with drug and/or alcohol addiction. There are at least 14-17 different treatment centers which all offer support for individuals seeking help with substance abuse in Glendale that offer much-needed support.

There are different types of rehab and detox treatment facilities available, from residential or inpatient support to counseling for the more flexible outpatient option. There are several different ways folks in Glendale, AZ can get assistance through seeking professional side via treatment centers in Glendale, AZ. 

Some of the centers offer an outpatient kind of service, for example, there’s a treatment center that offers counseling to help educate those who have abused substances on healthier ways to cope in stressful situations, with intensive therapy sessions as a focus, where other treatment facilities will provide an inpatient treatment to help the patient recover and become sober, while removing them from any temptations and/or triggers that would cause them to turn to these substances.

Glendale Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

If prescription or illicit drug dependence is harming the quality of your life, Glendale, AZ hosts quite a few drug abuse rehab or detox location to get help. Whether addicted to opiates, or alcohol, we will help you select the right rehabilitation program to get the best-rated help available. You can even find executive or exclusive treatment in Glendale to make rehabilitation as easy as possible.

National rates have fallen where drug abuse is concerned as it relates to Arizona. With the national average being below Arizona’s rates, this shows the crisis of addiction in the state. 

A 2011 study were a one-day experiment of admission of patients in Arizona disclosed over 30,000 patients were in treatment. Compared to all other states in the US, Arizona sits in the sixth seat as having the highest numbers in prescription drug abuse. 


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Glendale, AZ

Treatment and detox facilities found in Arizona during 2012 reported admitting the following numbers as they relate to abused substances:

Heroin: 3,067

Amphetamines: 4,474

Cocaine: 1,0635

Marijuana: 4,918

Other opiates: 1,776


Drug-related fatalities steadily rise in Arizona. So does the suicide rate which was 16 out of 100,000 during 2007. And in the year 2013, the suicide rate stood at 12.6 to every 100,000 nationwide. 

Drug users who are fortunate enough to avoid overdosing in spite of abusing other illicit like such as heroin and cocaine, are still at risk of other dangers. Not only does substance and drug abuse cause users to lose important relationships, custody of children, and break apart marriages, it will even slap on some hefty prison sentences.


Glendale Recovery Meetings Near Me

Below you’ll find list of Recovery meetings below with locations in Glendale, Az. These are some but not all of the meetings available.


123 STEP UP Alcoholics Anonymous


6300 W. CAMELBACK RD, Glendale, Arizona, 85301


AA Free Thinkers Alcoholics Anonymous

Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital

18701 North 67th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, 85308


CHANGE IS GOOD Alcoholics Anonymous


6349 W. MYRTLE AVE, Glendale, Arizona, 85301


Free Thinkers AA Alcoholics Anonymous

St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center

7300 North 99th Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, 85305


GLENDALE FELLOWSHIP Alcoholics Anonymous


6300 W. CAMELBACK RD, Glendale, Arizona, 85301


LAST CHANCE II Alcoholics Anonymous


6349 W. MYRTLE AVE, Glendale, Arizona, 85301




7201 W. BEARDSLEY RD, Glendale, Arizona, 85308


NEW LIGHT Alcoholics Anonymous


19640 N. 35TH AVE, Glendale, Arizona, 85308


OVER 50 Alcoholics Anonymous


19640 N. 35TH AVE, Glendale, Arizona, 85308


STEPPIN UP Alcoholics Anonymous


18699 N. 67TH AVE, Glendale, Arizona, 85308




5525 W. ACOMA DR, Glendale, Arizona, 85306


VICIOUS CYCLE Alcoholics Anonymous


7102 N. 58TH DR, Glendale, Arizona, 85301


Westside Night Owls Alcoholics Anonymous

Fellowship Hall

8910 North 43rd Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, 85302


YA YA BELLES Alcoholics Anonymous


4645 W. BELL RD, Glendale, Arizona, 85306

If you or someone you know is struggling with Alcohol addiction in Glendale, Arizona, attending meetings is an amazing place to start a journey to begin recovery. Attending Alcoholics Anonymous connects you with others struggling with the same type of drinking issues and allow you to network with others with the same goal in mind – to get sober and maintain sobriety. 

For people struggling with illicit or prescription substances NA Meetings in Glendale, Arizona are available.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Glendale

Being an inpatient means that you dwell at the facility, whereas outpatients will turn up for their therapy sessions, one on one counseling or treatment without the need to stay. Outpatients are usually people who have perhaps suffered trauma in their life and have turned to a substance as a way to cope. As these people are often not addicted to substances and are not severely abusing drugs and/or alcohol, they often benefit from counseling and someone helping them to find a new path and ways to cope during those hard times. More severe cases, perhaps their addiction will require a more tenacious approach in their treatment-plan. Often this is where they will become an inpatient where they are in a new environment away from any distractions or potential problems that caused them to first turn to substances. With staff available 24/7 and no access to the substances, this will help them with their recovery. In these facilities there are often one-to-one sessions available to help the patient to recover and plan for their life outside of the center, ensuring they do not fall back to their addiction.

  • Inpatient Treatment Center –For those battling a serious problem with substance abuse, such as addiction, then becoming a patient at this treatment center is a great idea. This will allow them to become a focal point of the support of the staff and ensure that they are physically away from any temptations during their recovery. 
  • Outpatient Treatment Center – Here any patients will be able to take full advantage of any counseling services, ensuring that they do not have to be taken away from their day-to-day life but still receive the support from a professional to guide them to where they want to be and help them at each stage in their recovery. 

Getting Help in Glendale: How to Choose the Right Facility

For somebody either looking for help or looking for someone they know, they need to understand the benefits of each kind of treatment and which they would best benefit from. For example, if somebody has hit a rough patch in life and turned to substance abuse, finding a way to resolve their problem and ways that they can avoid turning to substances may be a better solution than to admit them as an inpatient. If, however, somebody is suffering severely with substance-abusing, perhaps a substance addiction, then becoming an inpatient will surround them with support and help them on their recovery much more effectively than being an outpatient would. 

Mental Health Services in Glendale

There are many different mental health clinics within Glendale, all offering similar support to their patients. A lot of the different clinics offer behavioral health support, and this seems to be the common type of mental health clinic, however, there are others available too such as psychotherapy. There are different clinics open within Glendale. 

Because there are so many healthcare professionals that specialize in mental health within Glendale, it’s difficult to put an exact number to the amount that is available. With the number of clinics open and a lot of professionals offering their own services, there are easily more than 50 mental health experts within Glendale.

There are lots of studies that have been conducted within this area and there are many results which all mostly point towards the same result, is that there is a link between mental health and substance abuse. Often, if a person is suffering from mental health problems, they usually feel better after taking a substance of either narcotics and/or alcohol, as this gives them a high and can make them feel good or in control. This then leads into a cycle of when they feel down, they seek this substance to make them feel that way again. On the contrary, sometimes if somebody takes a substance that makes them feel good or in control, then when that feeling wears off, they may miss that feeling and then want it again. Either way, this can lead to substance addiction if not addressed. 

Life with Addiction Doesn’t Have to Remain a Reality

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, please reach out to one of our addiction treatment specialists at (928) 756-0694. Or you can connect through our online form here. Help is only one step away! Don’t live with addiction any longer. 

Article Reviewed by Gregory Struve

Greg received a Master’s in Counseling from the Adler Graduate School in 2006. He trained at one of the top trauma and anxiety treatment centers in the world until 2008 when he became a faculty member at Grand Canyon University. From 2011 to 2016 he directed a program that leads the field in terms of innovative treatment of anxiety and trauma. During that time he even made several appearances on A&E’s intervention.