Drug Recovery Programs

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Drug Addiction: Drug Rehab Programs

As with any first, the first day in a drug rehab program or facility can be quite nerving wrenching. It’s literally the first step towards big life changes and the start to a lot of work. These changes will not come easily or feel comfortable, even though the results lead to great rewards.

On your first day at rehab, you will go through an intake process where it is expected to meet with medical professionals, allow someone to search your things for contraband, and then get a chance to settle in. This process should be simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

Drug Rehab Intake Process

During the intake process, you can expect to be asked a lot of questions and give a lot of responses. It’s during this time that you will receive a physical as to understand your physical health at that time. This would be the moment to explain to medical staff about any pre-existing medical condition. So if you have been dealing with high blood pressure or asthma, for example, be sure they are aware of any medications you may need.          

There will also be a therapist available during intake, you will speak to the therapist. This will give you the opportunity to talk about your drug history and what you wish to take away from completing drug rehab.

At this moment the therapist will be all yours so the floor would be open to discuss any other issues that may be the cause of the addiction. If at this time you are diagnosed with having any psychological disorders, make it known to the therapist so you can take advantage of the treatment.

Drug Rehab Programs: Going Through Your Packed Items

There is no getting around this. In order to proceed and rehabilitation, your counselor will have to go through your suitcases or other luggage to determine whether you have weapons, drugs, liquor, or any other types of contraband.

Other types of contraband include electronic devices such as cell phones. Any prescription medications will be passed over to the medical staff or pharmacy. The medical professionals will be responsible for passing out your meds when it is time for them 

When you are packing to start at drug rehab, it’s always best to call ahead and see what is considered contraband. This will make your first day went a little smoother.

Drug Rehab: Getting Settled

Once the paperwork has been taken care of and you have been introduced to everyone, you’ll be given a tour and then a chance to get settled in. It will depend on what time of day you arrive, but you could either be sent for mealtime or to a group meeting.         

How a Drug Rehab Program Can Help You:

  • Break the Cycle

Individuals who are struggling with drug addictions must have a safe, drug-free environment where others will hold them accountable. The goal is to break the cycle and be free of drugs. Once detox is over, then your addiction treatment can begin.

  • Education About Addiction

Once the mind is clear from the effects of drugs, you’ll be able to focus and even educate yourself on your addiction and its causes. You will be able to gain important insight into what triggers habits or cravings.

  • Uncover Underlying Issues

Everyone is different. So needless to say, there are endless reasons why people turn to drugs and get addicted. However, you must educate yourself on the root causes of your addiction. Find in this new insight on what Lord you to your truck up choice, can help you avoid it in the future. Example, does this drug help you cope with stress, numb you too emotional or physical pain, help you gain approval, or avoid your responsibilities?    

  • Build New Habits and Behaviors

Most individuals with prior drug use history have poor self-care habits and discipline. A vital part of maintaining self-care for an addict in recovery is indeed self-care alongside setting and accomplishing goals. 

Drug rehab programs help you set realistic short- and long-term goals especially in areas which are crucial to a strong recovery. 

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries

Addicts typically don’t take enough responsibility for their own lives or behaviors, leaving family and friends to pick up the slack by taking on too much responsibility. 

Drug Rehab can shine a light on where these boundaries get crossed or mangled up.  They will also introduce you to healthy ways to set boundaries and respect them.

Drug Rehab Programs: First Day Jitters

If you still, have any questions or concerns about your first day in drug rehab, feel free to give us at Granite Mountain Behavioral Health a call today.

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