Hello Neighbors of Granite Mountain Behavioral Health Care. For your convenience the following is our "Good Neighbor Policy" to promote healthy relationships and to correct issues in a  time sensitive manner. If you have a specific issue, problem or general inquiry please click the link below to fill out a request form. 



Good Neighbor Policy


Hello Neighbors,

We have recently moved into this residential area. We are Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare intensive sober living. We are part of a Treatment community for people suffering from substance use disorder, Alcoholism, Compulsive gambling, and various mental health issues, and we are looking to better our lives. This residence is a 24 hour staffed location that provides oversight and accountability for our patients. We want to be a positive impact on the community and have created these guidelines to help keep our community safe and accountable. We are a private organization and not a state run facility. Please note, this location is for our housing purpose only and treatment services/therapy are provided  at a different licensed location. Please see our Neighborhood policies below.

The following policies are to be followed at all times:

Smoking or Vaping: Smoking and vaping are only permitted in designated areas around the property. At no time should anyone ever vape or smoke inside the houses. Cigarette Butts and garbage are to be put into specified containers. No lit cigarette should ever be left unattended due to fire hazards.

Loitering: At no time should anyone ever be loitering in the streets or outside of the property lines.

Parking: Employee and Patient vehicles are only to be parked in designated parking spots in the immediate vicinity of the property.

Noise/ Lewd or Offensive Language: Employees and patients are to always be mindful of the neighboring homes and are to never use lewd or offensive language. Noise levels should always be low and respectful. Vehicles are not to be driven blaring loud music. T.V.’s and radios should never be heard from outside the property.

Cleanliness: The exterior and interior of the properties managed by Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare should always remain in pristine condition. No garbage should ever be left out and no employee or patient should ever litter on or off property. (Please Reference Housing Standards page for specific information on cleanliness of properties.

Plan of action policy: This policy states that if any of the above issues are reported by the surrounding neighbors or businesses or any issues not listed above that are of concern to please contact the Residential Director directly. The Residential Director will respond via phone, email, or mail within a 24 hour time period that the concern was received to determine a solutions that can or cannot be accommodated. Also, neighbors can go to https://granitemountainbhc.com/neighbor to fill out an online issue/notice request. If needed please feel free to contact Summit Behavioral Health housing director for any reason, contact is below. Or please fill out online inquiry request:  


Residential Director/ Responsible Party:

Michael Stowman:       Phone: (928) 642-4187              Email: michael.stowman@granitemountainbhc.com

Ryan Pienovi (Gambling Specific Program, Glencove house):  Phone: (928) 848-9414   Email: ryan@algamusgts.com