Methamphetamine in Arizona: The Epidemic is Still Strong

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, has one of the largest presences in Arizona. Meth is easy to get, cheap, and ...
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5 most dangerous drugs

Top Five Most Dangerous Drugs in Arizona

While all drugs are dangerous, there are five that are especially dangerous for the inhabitants of Arizona. It is highly ...
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youth drinking

Youth Drinking in Arizona: How Serious is the Problem?

Underage drinking in Arizona is a very big problem. In 2017, 30% of high school students were found to have ...
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addiction treatment in Arizona

Getting Help: A Guide for Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Arizona

Picking The Right Solution So you've decided that you are going to get help and are going to look for ...
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alcoholism and depression

Alcohol Abuse and Depression: Understanding the Connection

In general, we are constantly exposed to the idea of fixing a tough week with a "happy hour" hang out ...
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opiate detox

Opiate Detox: A Timeline of What to Expect

What Are Opiates? To define it briefly, opiates are drugs classified as "downers" that come from the opium poppy, which ...
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opioid epidemic in Arizona

The Opiate Epidemic in Arizona: 10 Startling Facts About This Addiction

Opiate addiction has become more common than most people are aware of, and it could even be considered a crisis ...
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Drugs in Arizona

What are the Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Arizona?

The Drugs of Arizona As some might know, Arizona is a state which can be considered a gateway for drugs ...
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Insurance for Granite

Will My Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment, and Other Questions About Medical Insurance for Rehab.

How To Get Started One of the main issues someone can come across when looking for help to deal with ...
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mexican oxy

The Scary Rise of “Mexican Oxy” in Yavapai County: What is it and What You Should Know

What is "Mexican Oxy"? One of the newest illegal drugs coming to the U.S. right now, Mexican Oxy are characterized ...
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dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis: What is it? Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

What Is Dual Diagnosis? As the name suggests, dual diagnosis describes patients that have been diagnosed with two different disorders: ...
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IOP in Arizona

IOP Treatment for Alcohol Abuse in Arizona: How to Know if This is the Best Choice

Yes, getting rid of alcohol can be a tough ride and have many bumps down the road, but it can ...
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